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About Barefoot Love Collective

Barefoot Love is a creative company that specialises in custom designs and creative workshops.

Our mission is to inspire people through our commitment of donating 100% of our profits to those in need.

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Custom designs and prints.

Each piece is custom-designed and made uniquely for your special event. We will dream together to create pieces that reflect and celebrate you, and also the community of people who have supported and loved you.

Spread the Love workshops

If you’ve been wanting to learn a new skill, develop your creativity, and do some social good with your friends and family, this workshop is a great way to use your creativity to make a difference.

Inspiring Cards Collections.

We love collaborating with different people and organizations to create a meaningful collection of beautiful cards, tailored to your specific needs and sparking a new story of doing good together.

Walking with those on the front-line.

100% of our profits go in supporting those in need by partnering with front-line NGOS, non-profits, and charities. We also provide a social media platform to share stories of the people who are encouraged by our monetary gifts.

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