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Barefoot Love Co / Anti-trafficking

Who else is waiting in line?

[embed][/embed] One of my favourite places to grab nachos in Hong Kong is in Wan Chai on Lockhart Road. Whenever I get that craving for some cheesy and meaty goodness, my mind zeroes onto that one street on Lockhart Road. Before I enter my favourite restaurant,...

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That tiny bit of hope became reality

Do you remember the harrowing rescue of the Little Boars and their coach? I was captivated by the story of the Thai football boys from the flooding waters in the dark caves of Chiang Rai, Thailand. As the story unfolded, the boys’ coach was constantly...

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Awakening Conference

We were invited to the Awakening Conference, aimed to equip and train the next generation to help end human trafficking and slavery hosted by 852 Freedom Campaign. At our first youth leadership conference, we were so excited to see so many youth in Hong Kong...

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