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Being Superheroes together

I love Superhero movies. From Wonder Woman to X-Men to Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s something beautiful in how the protagonist, after an internal struggle of identity, overcomes their enemy and becomes who they really are - facing any challenges with super-human powers. At the...

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In the Land Down Under

One of our supporters, Henness Penn, is bringing Barefoot Love to Australia. He was so inspired by our mission that he set up pop-up stalls at local markets near his university to sell Barefoot Love products. We are so happy and proud of Henness' time,...

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Gone Teaching

Sometimes, your full-time job and your side-job meets up and everything you are passionate about are situated in one space! That happened when Barefoot Love was invited to sell our products and cards at an international teacher's conference. We were so happy to meet up...

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Our First Justice Conference Asia

We are so excited to be invited to The Justice Conference Asia, a conference that has shaped Barefoot Love's understanding of social action, social justice theology, and the possibility that collaboration can bring. Thanks for coming out and supporting our products and our vision to...

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Awakening Conference

We were invited to the Awakening Conference, aimed to equip and train the next generation to help end human trafficking and slavery hosted by 852 Freedom Campaign. At our first youth leadership conference, we were so excited to see so many youth in Hong Kong...

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