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OASIS RETREATS: Watercolour Workshop

[gallery size="medium" ids="11103,11099,11106,11100,11107,11105"]   We had our Watercolor Wreaths Workshop on Saturday October 26 in the beautiful retreat space at Bethany, Cheung Chau. We learned how to create floral wreaths using a variety of painting techniques as well as some lettering techniques. We also created own very...

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Oasis Retreats: Fighting to Be Still

We know how hard it is to find stillness and quiet. One of our hopes for Barefoot Love Collective is that we can facilitate a space for creativity to grow and bring a little piece of relaxation and restoration in the busyness of Hong Kong....

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Being Superheroes together

I love Superhero movies. From Wonder Woman to X-Men to Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s something beautiful in how the protagonist, after an internal struggle of identity, overcomes their enemy and becomes who they really are - facing any challenges with super-human powers. At the...

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Who else is waiting in line?

[embed][/embed] One of my favourite places to grab nachos in Hong Kong is in Wan Chai on Lockhart Road. Whenever I get that craving for some cheesy and meaty goodness, my mind zeroes onto that one street on Lockhart Road. Before I enter my favourite restaurant,...

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Hope in the Waiting

There are over 11 000 refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong. Many come from places of conflict, persecution, and often are lost and destitute with nowhere to go to and no one to seek out. The average waiting period for a claim to be...

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Urban Promise beginnings

One of the organizations that really built my understanding of social justice as well as sparked this desire to partner with local communities is Urban Promise Toronto. Their mission is to partner with a child for 18 years, walking with them as they grow up in...

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