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Being Superheroes together

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Being Superheroes together

I love Superhero movies. From Wonder Woman to X-Men to Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s something beautiful in how the protagonist, after an internal struggle of identity, overcomes their enemy and becomes who they really are – facing any challenges with super-human powers. At the end of these Superhero movies, you can almost imagine how life will be. These triumphant empowered individuals, who on one hand, has a glowing personal life and on the other, is saving the entire world with their superpowers and strategic vision (while looking strong and flawless).   

Don’t we all long for that ending? Especially in this busy life we all lead, where it seems like there is one fire after the other to put out, we just all want to be conquer all we have to face. However, more and more, I am realizing that unlike the movies, the “you can do it all (and with superhero strength and running perfectly in heels)” is just not true.

And that is okay. (repeat this to yourself).

That. is. okay.

The beauty of realizing that you cannot do it all is that you surrender your individualist pride and recognize that you have a dependent need on the community and people around you to fulfil what’s in your heart. In those moments of “I can’t” comes the realization that we were not made to be and work alone, but to stand and strengthen each other with our different gifts and talents.

There is a beautiful word, that is often used in education circles, that describes this wonderfully.


Simply put, collaboration is the act of working together towards shared goals. In this season for Barefoot Love Co, I have seen this come alive with our Spread the Love creative workshops. From our last workshop with Eden Ministries to our upcoming workshops, everyone has been bringing in their gifts and talents in working together in rending the heavens and restoring justice in society. From artists like Roong (watercolour and stamp artist) and Ron (leather crafting artist) to businesses (MakerHive) to retreat spaces (Bethany) to students like Ramilla (studying graphics & design) to charities like Branches of Hope and Inner City Ministries, we are always more strategic, stronger, and powerful in unity together.

The longer version of our name, Barefoot Love Co, is actually Barefoot Love Collective. How true is it that this social enterprise shines because of the collaborations and partnerships behind it. By supporting the callings and passions that each part of this team has,we ARE making a difference in the lives of individuals in Hong Kong.

Thank you for continuing in supporting us in so many different ways as we grow.   

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