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Creatives Care Collective is a partnership program with talented artists, who have generously donated their work in support of our expressive arts workshops for vulnerable communities.

We love how art does not show people what to do, but it engages across borders and touches your senses, body, and mind. It can make the world felt, challenging one to think, engage and even act. Art helps us identify with one another and changes our framework from local to global, from individual to community.

We want to celebrate artists and promote the work they do in moving us and showcase their heart to the world as well.

Check out some of the amazing work from Barefoot Love’s very talented C3 artists that have joined our movement. 

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Through this partnership, Barefoot Love uses 100% of the profits made from the beautiful work of these artists to sponsor expressive arts workshops to vulnerable communities around the world.
We believe that the creative process of making art can help improve the well-being of a person – emotionally, mentally and physically.  By creating a space where anyone is free to be engage in expressive arts, we hope to support people who experience illness, trauma or challenges in living, as well as people who seek personal development.
Our vision is to encourage creativity, mindfulness, fun, and community through our workshops, all customised to the needs of any community. We have conducted our workshops for variety of communities from people with special needs in Hong Kong to women and children freed from trafficking in Cambodia to children of refugees and asylum seekers.


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