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Congrats Carmen & James!

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Congrats Carmen & James!

I love creating custom wedding invitations for a couple about to get married. Usually I have a number of meetings with the couple to get a feel of who they are, what they love, and their love story. I met Carmen through our collaboration at The Vine in our Walking with Charities Education program. She told me that she really needed some invites quickly as she was getting married in January. So within the short time frame of 3 weeks, we were able to finalize colour, design, wedding elements, and what she wanted to invite her loved ones to her wedding. She and James wanted a laid-back family style type reception and particularly wanted to included an open table image in the invite. We worked together with her bouquet of flowers as well as the calligraphy and font that she wanted. After a couple of drafts, we were able to finish the invite!

Thank you for inviting us to celebrate your day and for choosing to spread the love! They loved our design so much that they used it as part of their reception! Thank you so much for your generosity. 100% profits from these invitations went to support the education of two young girls with special needs in China. Here is more information to her story, if you want to donate as well to their education.

In August 30th, 2019, we received a call about two girls, aged 16 and 13, who both have mental development issues because of the trauma they experienced. Their family is extremely poor. The father is a sanitation worker who makes 3000 rmb per month, and their mother has schizophrenia so she does not work. The two girls have never been to school before and have been homeless and taken advantage of. To protect them from an unsafe home environment, they have been under the care of Children’s Hope ( in Beijing.
The profits from the wedding invitations went to directly supporting their education. Here’s more information (in Chinese) regarding their case:

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