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Empowering Kids to Change the World

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Empowering Kids to Change the World

As an educator, I love working with children and seeing their ideas come to life. I love seeing that spark in their eyes as they catch on to what you are teaching them about the world and then creatively coming up with their own ideas to help others.


This year for Christmas, we worked with kids from Solomon’s Porch to create Christmas cards. 100% profits went to support Shanti Ministries, a charity that provides children’s programs for ethnic minority families in Hong Kong. Not only did the kids create such beautiful and unique designs, it was great hearing from Ashley, whose parents run Shanti Ministries. She was able to clearly share with her classmates the vision and programs that Shanti provides.

With the help of teacher volunteers, children were encouraged to create their very own special illustrations that highlighted Christmas in Hong Kong. They also learned what serving their neighbours looked like as well as the social issues that Hong Kong faces such as poverty and discrimination.

As Christmas approached, the kids sold their beautifully created Christmas cards for 2 weeks and together, they inspired the adults and others to get involved with their service project in this festive season.

I am always so thankful and amazed by the power of kids! Once they grab hold of the vision, they run with it and inspire people along the way!

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