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Faith over Fears Series: Felix Chan

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Faith over Fears Series: Felix Chan

In our Faith Over Fears series, we will be creating collaborative works of art by featuring people from different walks of life about what inspires them to create and give. Our next feature is Felix Chan. He also runs @hocuteah and is sharing his talent with 100% of all purchases in support of @impacthk and @aidscare. You can find out more about him at:

“I love drawing, it allows me to take my mind off my day job. Creating something new with a point of view or style that’s uniquely yours is very rewarding and cathartic. I do mostly portraits of people or pets, so seeing people liking their own portraits always brings me great joy! I create because it is an urge. Some people play sports, some cook, some sing and some dance… and I draw. It’s only through creating new drawings that I understand the world, my surroundings and myself more clearly.”

“LGBT rights, police brutality are some current social issues that holds close to my heart. It’s the oldest saying… but we are all born equal and we deserve to love and be loved in return. It is quite baffling we do not live in a society where we embrace and respect each other’s life choices and preferences. There is so much hate, self hate and insecurity from people who bullies and tries to strip rights off their neighbours and support others to do so. I think there is so much love in being a responsible, truthful person. We always tell people to spread love and be loving, but how do people do it in true actions? Be more responsible and aware as a person can go miles in being a good neighbour.”

“This coronavirus situation has allowed me to see how privileged and equipped I am. Many people are helpless under such harsh times and unforgiving government policies. We are helpless upon the spread of the virus, or daily new policies that are destroying our businesses or the scary notion one might be laid off anytime. We are all so scared, stressed and helpless. Drawing to get donations is the only action I know to get money for those who is in need and also spread joy and positivity to those who gave a helping hand. We can only think and act as community now or else our city will crumble.”

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