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Faith Over Fears series: Florence Ho

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Faith Over Fears series: Florence Ho

In our #Faithoverfears series, we will be creating collaborative works of art by featuring people from different walks of life about what inspires them to create and give.

Our next feature is Florence Ho, @flokho. She is an architect and an entrepreneur, who has her own architect firm and also runs Big Sky Illustrations. Please do check out her work at

I like to paint and draw when I feel most creative, but I also like to crochet and knit. I create because it is a gift God gave me, its an expression of being like Him, it is also an exploration of the world He has made, and the expression of emotions, thoughts and worship. When I don’t have a clear creative direction, just making something by repetitive motions is very calming.

I have a heart for abandoned animals, especially dogs. Perhaps because I have experienced neglect and rejection, I feel extending connection and care to those who are often forgotten is important. I took in two rescue dogs 3 years ago, seeing their development of trust and health has been such a phenomenal gift, they are my little family. I have a heart for people on the fringe of society: homeless, orphans, elderly without family. We can be better neighbors by paying attention and listening to others so that we may know them better. Often understanding is the first step to connection.

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