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Oasis Retreats: Fighting to Be Still

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Oasis Retreats: Fighting to Be Still

We know how hard it is to find stillness and quiet. One of our hopes for Barefoot Love Collective is that we can facilitate a space for creativity to grow and bring a little piece of relaxation and restoration in the busyness of Hong Kong. We are starting a new partnership with Bethany Ministries to offer just that. Especially in this protest-laden environment, we are hoping to provide some relief and creativity.

In the beautiful retreat space at Bethany Ministries on Cheung Chau Island, our Fall workshop series are designed to be a creative place of peace and rest in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. If you want to learn new and creative ways to pray or seek God, these creative workshops will provide time to be still, while using the creative arts to facilitate reflection, creativity, and restoration.

Our first of these series include our September Lettering and Lament Workshop. We had a beautiful and peaceful time together, learning faux calligraphy and layout techniques. We also got a chance to learn about brush lettering and share with each other what word has been impactful in our lives this season. Afterwards, we had a family-style home-cooked meal together. Looking forward to more of these oasis retreats.


Here is a video recap of our September Spread the Love Lettering and Lament Workshop.

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