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Steps of Faith from Pakistan to Hong Kong

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Steps of Faith from Pakistan to Hong Kong

Commissioned by friends and colleagues, Barefoot Love printed several hundred Christmas cards in December.  

Barefoot Love met John Jacobs, a Pakistani refugee who fled his home country for Hong Kong over eight years ago. Being a Pakistani Christian, John knows what it means to be the persecuted minority. With the total population at over 180 million, only 2% of Pakistanis is Christian, 40 of them now seek asylum in Hong Kong.

When John first arrived, he felt helpless and directionless. He has since gotten more involved in local ministry, even graduating from seminary with the support of his church. He now preaches at Pakistani and Filipino churches and also works in children’s ministry with ethnic minorities. 

With a small gift, Barefoot Love was able to encourage John to keep persevering in his journey. John also inspired Barefoot Love in sharing his personal dream.

“The one thing I’ve noticed that wherever you go, as a believer, He is not going to leave you in the middle of your circumstances. Circumstances may help you to learn things from, but He is not going to destroy your life in these circumstances. If He says He loves you, He means that. He says what He means, and He means what He says. God knows my heart, what I need, He knows and He fulfills my dreams and passions. 

When I came to Hong Kong, I see this freedom. People are free, free to go to church, free to have education. My thoughts always go back to my country, my people. The do not have such education. Only rich people’s kids go to such brilliant schools. My people, they are a minority and most of them are living under the poverty line. My dream is that I could establish a school in villages where kids can come and study together in English. Living in villages, you can imagine how brilliant it would be for them to speak English. People would be amazed and think how can it be possible children from poor villages to have such education! But, nothing can be impossible with God. If this is my dream from God, how, when will He fulfil it? I don’t know. But I do know that if it’s from Him, He will do it!” 

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