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Hope in the Waiting

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Hope in the Waiting

There are over 11 000 refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong. Many come from places of conflict, persecution, and often are lost and destitute with nowhere to go to and no one to seek out. The average waiting period for a claim to be processed and considered from seeking asylum to refugee status is 7 years. During this process they are not allowed to work. Since 2005, only 55 asylum seekers have received refugee status, meaning they are now eligible to be considered for resettlement by the United Nations. This is far below the global average of 30%. In the waiting, life continues. Here is one such family.

“I am from Pakistan. I leave my country alone. I got married in Hong Kong, my wife is from the Philippines. I have four children: two sons and two daughters. For 16 years, I’ve been in Hong Kong, nothing has change. The situation in Hong Kong is very hard. As a father, I am always thinking of my children’s future. So this is the big challenge, the education in Hong Kong.”

The Vine Community Services Ltd is dedicated in utilizing education, training and physical, financial, and spiritual resources to affect change by ensuring those that are marginalized and vulnerable such as refugees in Hong Kong are empowered to access those rights. Barefoot Love partnered with one of the programs that VCSL has focused on keeping children in school. Their Keeping Kids in Kindergarten program supports refugee or asylum seeker parents to pay for uniforms, educational materials, and transportation fees.

This Christmas, Barefoot Love was able to sponsor a Spread the Love workshop, where ten students involved in VCSL’s Keeping Kids in Kindergarten program were able to learn about the arts and use their creativity. Through this workshop, we were able to collaborate with some budding artists in the K3 program for our new Hope for Christmas collection.

“I’m really always thankful for God, and thankful for these people. Thankful for what they’ve done for us. Thankful for the uniforms, for the books. Always.”

Because of your purchases, Barefoot Love was able to sponsor this Spread the Love workshop, teaching art and empowerment, to children of refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong as well as providing a platform for their creativity and art through our cards collaboration to reach the population of Hong Kong.

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