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In love with our Gal-entine’s Day workshop!

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In love with our Gal-entine’s Day workshop!

By our guest-blogger: Sabrina Yu

Both creativity and doing social good can take on all types of shapes and forms. It’s in the essence of our Spread the Love workshops that make it easy for anyone to learn something new, develop their creativity, and use your talent to help others. In our Spread the Love workshops, we aim to do good together by building partnerships with local artists and local charities. This month, we partnered with Eden Ministry, a local charity with the vision to reach the red-light districts in Hong Kong and see women set free and areas transformed. They do this through establishing multiple safe shelters and restoration programs that help women as they leave this industry. They also run an international jewelry social enterprise that raises awareness, provide vocational training, and employment.

In celebration of our girlfriends and all things love, Barefoot Love Co partnered with Eden Ministry to hold a special Gal-entine’s Spread the Love workshop. It was a night of jewelry making, watercolor painting, and most importantly celebrating the love of our gal-pals. Not only did everyone get a chance to make beautiful jewelry and paint (punny) watercolor Valentine’s to take home, each person also got the chance to create a Valentine’s postcard for women leaving the sex industry in Hong Kong. Alison, one of our Galentine’s says,

I’ve always loved Eden’s jewelry and was excited that now I could make my very own and gift one to my gal-entine. We got to participate in something that is meaningful and also got to dive into our creative side, so that was cool as well.

It was both a fun and meaningful opportunity for people to be introduced to the restoration work that Eden does in Hong Kong, while also having the chance, to dig deeper into what each participant could do to help. Ana, another one of our Galentine’s comments,

At first, it made me very nervous because I didn’t paint for a very long time (last time I painted was a decade ago). I really enjoyed it. It ended up being very relaxing and a really wonderful way to connect with other people in Hong Kong.  At the end of the day, I felt very good we did something to help out people in need, especially on a day like Valentine’s Day.

This workshop reminded me of how anyone can contribute their gifts and talents to do good in the smallest of ways. It served as a way to bringing people together to wind down after a strenuous day at work or at school. We could all have some fun, sip a glass of wine, and freely just be creative. We often tend to think that we can only make a difference if we contribute through sacrificial efforts and pain-stacking heart-wrenching endeavors – but in reality, it only requires the simple willingness to bring encouragement and love the one in front of you.

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