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In the Land Down Under

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In the Land Down Under

One of our supporters, Henness Penn, is bringing Barefoot Love to Australia. He was so inspired by our mission that he set up pop-up stalls at local markets near his university to sell Barefoot Love products. We are so happy and proud of Henness’ time, dedication, and effort in loving your neighbour. Because there will be an additional intake of Syrian and Iraqi refugee families in the Wollongong Welcome Zone, we wanted to support SCARF in a time of unprecedented need for manpower and finances. Our products sold in Australia will go in support of Scarf Refugee Support.  SCARF is Illawarra-based and an independent not-for-profit organisation. This NGO provides help for refugee entrants to rebuild their lives through practical and social support.

We believe that by warmly welcoming refugee entrants into our community, encouraging community connections and friendship and providing the practical tools for self-empowerment, we can provide the foundations for an independent, fulfilling and thriving life.

SCARF facilitates a range of targeted programs to help refugee entrants navigate the practical and personal challenges of building a new life in Australia. SCARF’s programs have been designed to respond to the specific needs of our community. Often, community members access multiple programs at once, enabling them to have holistic, or ‘wrap-around’, resettlement support through SCARF.

Here is just one story of many that SCARF helps in transitioning to a new country:

I had to leave Iraq because I had war in my country. I’m also a journalist, so that’s very big trouble. I didn’t have safety. After one month in Australia, I came to SCARF. The language is very hard for me, so I can’t find a job, I can’t study. I need more time for that. The first thing is language, then after that I can make everything I want. I can find a job, I can study. I want to go very far.

I’m involved in SCARF Befriending, Coffee and Conversations, and the social events. I’ve met friends though these programs. Coffee and Conversation is very good. It helps me with my English. Aussie and refugee are together, and that’s a very good thing. My SCARF friend, April, has helped me for many things. She’s helped me find my unit, she rings me all the time, we hang out. She’s also helped with the language. She’s my friend. That’s really good for me. Every person, like refugee, need someone to say ‘Welcome’.

Update: With your purchases, Barefoot Love was able to sponsor resettlement support for one year to two refugees in the Illawarra area! Thank you. 

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