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Joy + Sherman: Custom Wedding Cards

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Joy + Sherman: Custom Wedding Cards

Weddings can be hectic, especially during this Covid time. But it’s also such a special time to celebrate love! I met Joy at our place of work and she has been such a supporter of Barefoot Love this year. Months in advance, Joy had planned on ordering our custom cards for her wedding. She and Sherman not only wanted to thank their guests during their wedding, but also to share their love with others. A love that started when they were just kids!! Their’s is the sweetest love story of meeting as kids and then reuniting decades later.

Congrats to Joy and Sherman in your marriage and also for your generosity in spreading your love to those in need! Through their wedding thank you cards, Joy and Sherman supported Keeping Kids in Kindergarten program from Branches of Hope. This program provides education sponsorships to children of refugees and aslyum seekers in Hong Kong, filling in financial gaps that allow the kids to go to Kindergarten. Thank you for spreading your love to the community around you!

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