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Launching our Walking with Charities Education Program

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Launching our Walking with Charities Education Program

One thing I love is when my day job (educator) combines with my side job (Barefoot Love Collective). We recently launched our Walking with Charities education programs. One thing I realized working with children and youth is just how eager they are in wanting to help. Often times we think that children need a lot of support or guidance, when in reality they love dreaming BIG and helping others in a BIG way. Our Walking with Charities education program guides kids to not only tangibly help their neighbours, but understand WHY they are helping others. I am super passionate in teaching children and youth how to use their skills and talents in loving their neighbours. Over the Christmas season, we focused on teaching about refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong with The Vine Church’s Kids 4 Christ Sunday school program. 100% profits from these programs go in support of Branches of Hope’s Keeping Kids in Kindergarten program for children of refugees and asylum seeker families in Hong Kong.  I am so thankful for partnerships with institutions like churches and the people who believe in the vision of partnering together for those who are vulnerable.

With The Vine’s K4C children’s program, we were so excited to teach children about loving our neighbours and adding some competition to the mix. I saw firsthand how if you give kids an idea and let them create and imagine, they can spearhead a movement of kindness and love.

We challenged the kids to design and create Christmas card illustrations and chose the best five as part of our Barefoot Love’s 2019 Hope for Christmas cards collection. Not only were the kids part of our design and stars in our promo video, together, they were able to inspire the church to give to Branches of Hope.

Thank you for joining us and we made more than 19 000 HKD for Branches of Hope’s Keeping Kids in Kindergarten program!

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