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Love is Still All Around

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Love is Still All Around

Crisis often gets us to stop and loudly highlight the motives to WHY we are serving in the first place. For some, volunteering falls to the sidelines as we huddle our loved ones close and shelter ourselves from the storm. For others, serving changes in its season, from venturing out to giving money to those on the front-lines or vice versa. When crisis hits, it’s during these times where LOVE is needed even more.

I started thinking about all the different charities and people on the frontlines that have persevered season after season. Regardless of epidemics, floods, or lack of resources, they remain faithful. I read stories about organizations like Inner City Ministries that go out to the streets to pray for people in their neighbourhood, while passing masks and sanitizers to people. Communities of people are rallying together to donate and give masks and necessities to those hit hardest in our city. I know about individuals who are quietly giving significant sums of money for a refugee family’s postponed new start in Canada. Sons and Daughters are continuing opening their doors to vulnerable women in Hong Kong. Other individuals raise awareness to the needs of the most vulnerable and still many more give generously as they realize how precious life is. There are also stories of hope all around of people serving and giving in this season where it’s now more convenient to look inwards and hoard supplies. 

May we be a people who continue to love those around us, stepping out in faith as Love poured out to our neighbours. May we continue to be a people who love those around us. May we step out in faith over our fears as Love poured out to our neighbours. May we operate opposite of our human nature and as Brene Brown puts it, “Let’s choose awkward, brave, and kind. And let’s choose each other.” 

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