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OASIS RETREATS: Watercolour Workshop

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OASIS RETREATS: Watercolour Workshop


We had our Watercolor Wreaths Workshop on Saturday October 26 in the beautiful retreat space at Bethany, Cheung Chau. We learned how to create floral wreaths using a variety of painting techniques as well as some lettering techniques. We also created own very own framed inspirational artistic piece inspired by the beautiful plants and flowers around Bethany’s retreat space.  Before we got down to some watercolour learning, we took a peaceful quiet walk around the retreat space at Bethany. Breathing in the brisk fall air and admiring the flora and the fauna, we picked some inspiration as the starting point to our painting. We also enjoyed sharing God’ word of the season for us as well as creating watercolor wreaths during our time together. We closed off our time together with a delicious home-cooked meal!

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