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Ramilla’s Hope-filled Drama

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Ramilla’s Hope-filled Drama

This month, Barefoot Love shines the spotlight on young Ramilla, a Nepalese high school graduate that lives in Hong Kong. Ramilla designed custom Thank You cards with Barefoot Love and gave us a glimpse of her journey.

There are over 30 000 Hong Kong Nepalese people, tracing their history back to the 1820s, as many are the children and grandchildren of Gurkha soldiers in the British Army. While having deep roots in Hong Kong, Nepalese people are often portrayed as outsiders and trouble-makers, as they face financial and social mobility obstacles because of language barriers. Less than one per cent of ethnic minority students get into tertiary education, as it is difficult to keep up in mainstream local schools without language support as well as the rising costs of the city.

Ramilla, 16, is one Nepalese youth part of this community in Hong Kong. She just finished Form 6, which she proudly says that is the coolest thing that has happened to her recently. She loves this city for its conveniences and the fact that unlike Nepal, Hong Kong lights never go out.  

Ramilla has a flair for drama and acting.

“The best performance I’ve done so far is my latest drama. It’s “The First Creation.” 

The First Creation is a mime depicting the creation of the world, man’s fall into sin, and God’s redemptive love. She is able to use this passion to reach out to her community through Inner City Ministries, a centre that runs tutorial and vocational programs for ethnic minorities.

“The reason why I’m really proud of it is because people were really touched because it shows the love of Jesus, He loves us. It is the part where He tries to protect us, and tries to protect the first creation. At last, I fall down, and I can’t even stand back up. That’s when Jesus comes in and becomes a shield for me.” 

Like many graduates, Ramilla is still figuring out what her future looks like. Her parents do not want her to follow in their respective trades, as her dad works long hours in a restaurant and her mom in a physically demanding job of construction. However, Ramilla does know she wants to take care of her hard-working parents and have them retire comfortably.

In collaborating with Ramilla, Barefoot Love was able to inspire Ramilla’s exploration of her artistic side. Through your purchases, we were able to empower her through not only financially supporting her work, but also helping her see the fruition of her artistic endeavors and passions!

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