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Spread the Love: Watercolor Workshop

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Spread the Love: Watercolor Workshop

Here’s a quick recap video of our Watercolor Mailbox Workshop with Bymamalaterre at MakerHive Hong Kong!

It was such a joy seeing everyone enjoying themselves and having fun.  I loved learning watercolor from Roong, a renowned Thai watercolor and stamp artist living in Hong Kong. We loved her heart to partner with us to serve ethnic minority youth in Hong Kong and teach all of us how to make these beautiful vintage Hong Kong colonial mailboxes. This workshop was a dream fulfilled as my educator heart has always wanted to provide spaces and opportunities for people to come together regardless of social background. It was awesome to see youth having the opportunity to learn a bit of art from someone who also understood how difficult it can be to integrate to Hong Kong society.

Come join us for the next one!

100% profits sponsored education programs for ethnic minority youth in Hong Kong!

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