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Stitch by Stitch

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Stitch by Stitch

Chandra used to work in construction in Hong Kong. One day, she had a serious injury at work that injured her spine. She was put on bed rest, not able to work or even walk for 9 months. After major surgery, Chandra had to relearn walking, step by step. As she worked towards her rehabilitation, she joined a friend attending a sewing class from Inner City Ministries, an organization that supports the Nepalese community in Hong Kong. With the mentorship of ICM teacher, Sarah, Chandra has become a skilled seamstress, creating beautiful dresses that are worn by young girls in Nepal, Uganda, and India.

“Although I am not completely healed, I am really happy that God is using us to help people through our sewing ministries. I believe that one day I will be completely healed. I am so blessed by this ministry, not only me, but God is pouring out his blessings¬† to the nation by this ministry.”

Barefoot Love was able to encourage  Chandra to keep persevering and being a blessing, through the purchases of our cards.

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