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Summer Loving: Happy 1st anniversary!

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Summer Loving: Happy 1st anniversary!

When I met Jon and Carmen, I could clearly see their love for each other and their heart in wanting to use their special day to bring light to others. Instead of being like most couples, where a wedding is a complete celebration of the couple, Jon and Carmen wanted to make a difference in their celebration. From catering to vendors to their decorations, they chose businesses that focused on the social good in Hong Kong. I was so honoured to be able to help them celebrate their love by designing a custom invitation for their big day.  

“You are the light of the world…” 

A consistent theme that have been present in their relationship is the theme of being a light. One of the things that drew Carmen to Jon is his passion for food and the desire to use food as a way to connect with others. Carmen also wanted to open her home as a refuge to anyone in need. With this call in their future, they wanted to integrate both food and light as a main focus of showing their love story to their invited guests. 

Through this custom work and in celebration of their marriage, Barefoot Love Collective was able to sponsor meals at Chung King Ministries, a drop-in center for anyone in Hong Kong that needs support and a hot meal. 

Happy first year of marriage, Carmen and Jon! 

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