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Walking with Charities at CDNIS

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Walking with Charities at CDNIS

Our Walking with Charities Program for students is a set of 1-10 workshops tailored for students to journey in the world of social entrepreneurship and take an active role in making a difference in Hong Kong. This program is customizable to the curriculum, outcomes, and schedule of the school. 100% of the profits from this program will be given to a charity of a school’s choice. 

At the Canadian International School, we worked with students from the Lower School Student Council (LSSC) in our Walking with Charities program focused on advocacy and the arts throughout November to January. As part of this council, students run activities and events that help build community at CDNIS. Along with the wonderful partnership of their teacher, we taught about the plight of refugees as well as invited a guest speaker to share her personal story living in Hong Kong as an asylum seeker.

We taught using various creative arts and inspired the students to take action. As a student council, the students created and designed their personal CDNIS Hope for Christmas cards for their school community. Together, in their small social enterprise, they made enough profits to support 1 child from a refugee and asylum seeker family to continue going to school in Hong Kong! Thank you LSSC for your heart of service! 

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