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Advocacy at The Justice Conference Asia

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Advocacy at The Justice Conference Asia

Since Barefoot Love began, we have had such support from The Justice Conference Asia. We’ve been able to share our vision, advocate for social justice, and sell our beautiful products to you. We also love hearing all about how you are joining together to fight against social injustices. It always leaves us inspired and imagining new partnerships and ideas to bring heaven on earth together.

The Justice Conference is a vital global platform for the Faith and Justice Community. They are one of the largest biblical and social justice conferences, bringing together world-class speakers and artists into gatherings designed to catalyse emerging works of justice around the world. We have loved attending every year, meeting our supporters as well as collaborating with new partners and charities that we can sponsor and support.

It’s not hard to see that our world has some complex issues it is currently facing. Mass migration, gender violence, religious intolerance, racial hatred, economic instability, a growing wealth gap, corruption, pollution, political unrest, war. History shows that every generation has its justice battles – but it seems in ours these battles are on an unprecedented scale. Here in Asia, the world’s justice issues are our issues. They impact our societies, our cities, our communities. Many of them have roots here, flourishing in the soil of our systems and cultures. If there was ever a time when we needed to work together to face the injustice around us, it is now.”
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